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This is a compilation of German newsreel films from Die Deutsche Wochenschau from 1943 through 1944.  The film shows the building of the Atlantic Wall, the fortifications with the massive guns, AA guns, armor and rail-mobile troops.  Nearby airfields have a large number of ME 109, FW 190 and ME 110 fighter aircraft, ready to turn back the anticipated Allied assault.

This DVD takes us deep into underground magazines beneath these massive guns and we watch as the armorers move giant shells and powder bags through the magazine, up the elevators to the guns.

We see a Kriegsmarine battle fleet, with some heavies, departing for a patrol with their escorts.  There are parades through Paris and we see von Runstadt, Sepp Dietrich, General Hausser, Erwin Rommel and other battle commanders.  Later, Rommel himself tours the Atlantic Wall for an inspection tour and we see guns so massive that the gunners actually walk through the barrels to clean them!

Rommel delivers a motivational speech to the troops, and we see captured American newsreel film showing US Army practicing amphibian landing assaults.

On 6 June, we see a great deal of footage showing the heavy fighting and always showing the Wehrmacht winning – prisoners are paraded past the camera, shot down planes and gliders are shown and we see thousands upon thousands of French citizens who now have no homes because the Allied bombing raids and the artillery shelling have destroyed entire cities and towns.  They do not have good words to say about the Allies coming to “liberate” them.  We see combat troops of the regular army, of the Waffen SS and of the Hitler Jugend SS divisions.  This is great history!


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