Franco’s Italians

Franco’s Italians (DVD-152)



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Beautiful cities give way to the ravages of the Spanish Civil War – Italy sends troops to aid Franco.  A partisan is caught, tried and put into a cell specifically designed to drive him mad.

This DVD gives good looks at rare aircraft – tri-motor Italian seaplane, Italian Air Force fighters and bombers.  After the raids, we see sunken ships, destroyed harbor facilities and other evidence of a successful bombing raid.

Italian troops are in Cataluna, fighting the Bolsheviks all the way to the Mediterranean; there is stirring Italian music throughout the entire tape.  There are soup lines for the civilians caught in the devastation and they also receive army field rations.

We see Generalisimo Franco at the head of the victory parade in Madrid.  There is cavalry, infantry, planes overhead, mechanized artillery, light armor and much more.

This is a powerful and stirring DVD and an interesting look into the Italian efforts in the Spanish Civil War.


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