Geburtstag des Führers

Geburtstag des Führers (DVD-130)


(DVD-130)  This presentation is 50 minutes spoken in English

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This DVD begins with Germany’s utter despair during the Weimar Republic with runaway inflation, massive unemployment and the utter collapse of this Government.  Out of these ashes arose Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP.  Here we see his rise to power as shown in parades and marches.

Geburtstag des Führers, or the Leader’s Birthday, became an annual event and grew larger each year prior to the war – marches, parades and gifts from all corners of Germany as well as much of Europe.  During these celebrations, we see familiar faces of history: Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Raeder, Göring, GeneralOberst Heinz Guderian, von Ribbentrop, Jodl, Heinrich Himmler, Karl Dönitz, Josef Stalin, Artur Axmann, Dr. Josef Goebbels, Dr. Ley, Field Marshall Keitel, Benito Mussolini, Neville Chamberlain and many others.

During these parades, the cream of the Wehrmacht is seen; paratroops, Kriegsmarine, cavalry, light and heavy armor, artillery and mechanized infantry.

During the birthday celebration in 1944, it is easy to tell that the officers, troops and civilians are trying desperately to put a brave face on a hopeless situation…..and there is no celebration for the 20th of April 1945, as the Soviets are crashing through Berlin and Germany is mere days from total destruction.

While this DVD is based on the celebrations surrounding Hitler’s birthday each year, it is also a pictorial mini-history of the way the war progressed and then regressed in Germany through the years from giddy victory after victory, to the bitter and hopeless defeat.


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