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EXTERNSTEINE – In 1992, we visited the Externsteine, which is Germany’s equal of Britain’s Stonehenge although this was natural, not man-made.  This is a strange, huge rock formation which formed a natural gate through which merchants and armies alike had to transit.  There are graves chiseled into the stone and in a room at the very top (a LONG way up!!) we are in an ancient observatory.  There were mysterious rituals here, centuries ago.

WEWELSBURG CASTLE – We visit mysterious Wewelsburg Castle where Heinrich Himmler planned to rebuild the Knights of the Teutonic Order.  Our guide, a Government trained left-wing radical, gave us the tour and told how terrible the German people were.  We ignored his ravings and just videotaped the castle.  He said his nickname was ‘Hot Lips’ but we had a different name for him pertaining to another part of the human anatomy.  The scenes of the castle are just awesome!

NAVAL ACADEMY – Enjoy one of our dinners together and then we are guests of honor at the majestically beautiful German Naval Academy at Flensburg/Mürwik.  These beautiful buildings have stood for centuries and have felt the footsteps of such cadets as von Spee, Bismarck, Weddigen, de la Perrier, KRETSCHMER, Prien, Schepke, TOPP, HARDEGEN, THÄTER and too many more to name.  The view is breathtaking!


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