Hans-Georg Hess INTERVIEW

Hans-Georg Hess – 1994 INTERVIEW (DVD-58)


(DVD-58)  This presentation is spoken in English

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Sharkhunters Member HANS-GEORG HESS (125-1985) was the youngest combat submarine commander of World War II, possibly of all time, having command of U-995 a few months past his 21st birthday.  He earned the KNIGHTS CROSS and completed half a dozen successful patrols.

HESS and Großadmiral Dönitz rode together from Berlin to Flensburg – the Admiral hoped the Americans and British would join with Germany against the Soviet Union and drive the Russians out of Europe.  What was the reply from HESS?  How did HESS manage to come home from all those patrols at a time when U-boats were usually sunk on their first patrol – and he sank ships too!  What did he think of Großadmiral Dönitz?  What did he think of his fellow Skippers?  What makes a good submarine Skipper?  All these questions are answered on this DVD as well as his memories of the war.


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