History of the Reich

History of the Reich (DVD-116)


(DVD-116)  This presentation is 1 hour and spoken in English

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This DVD begins with pre-war architecture and plans, starting in 1933.  It covers the building of the autobahn and historic sites such as Zeppelnfeld and other buildings in Nürnberg.  It also shows the many famous buildings in München, Berlin and on the beautiful Obersalzberg where Hitler, Göring, Bormann and Speer had homes.  There are many well-known people of the Reich in this film; men, women, military and civilians – you will recognize them all.

Feldherrenhalle in München is covered exceptionally well and this DVD covers the Party history from the very beginning with a lot of historic film footage filled with great pageantry.

This DVD also covers the history of von Hindenburg from his early years through his death and funeral.  It shows the massive memorial to the Field Marshall and his burial crypt.  It was originally the Tannenberg Battle Memorial then it became the Hindenburg Memorial and burial crypt.

This beautiful piece of history is gone – destroyed by the Soviet puppet Polish Government in 1948.

There is a great deal of footage on the majestic beauty of the Berghof and the Obersalzberg.  This DVD takes you inside the Berghof, room by room, with lengthy descriptions then to the Eagle’s Nest for a thorough tour of that historic building.


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