Hitler’s First Speech (DVD-151)


(DVD-151)  This presentation has English subtitles

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This was the first speech made by Adolf Hitler after he was elected Chancellor of Germany.  The speech was made on 10 February 1933 in the Berlin Sportsplatz.

Tens of thousands pack the facility and Dr. Josef Goebbels opens the evening’s program with a speech of his own with a heavy anti-Communist slant.  It is a powerful speech and the crowd loves it.  It is easy to understand why he was so good at propaganda.

Finally, Hitler enters – the crowd goes wild with enthusiasm, and he makes his first speech as Chancellor of Germany.  He promises that Germany will no longer be divided, no longer have class struggle – but will be one Germany with one people.

The evening closes with tens of thousands in the crowd singing the Horst Wessel Lied (illegal in Germany today) and the dignitaries proceed out of the Sportsplatz.  It is a powerful film!


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