Tiefland (DVD-122)


A lovely melodrama of the type seen on the movie screens of the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Produced by and starring Leni Riefenstahl (3157-1993) , this is a classic of her movies.


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Opens with soft, classical music as the sun breaks over the mountains, sheep are in the pasture and the shepherd is sleeping in his hut – but the wolf is awake and goes after the flock.  The sheep dog is badly injured in his fight but his barking wakes the shepherd.

The shepherd comes to the nearby village and stops at the inn for his meal.  He is surrounded by many beautiful young women as they all enjoy a meal of roasted sheep.  In the village square, we first see the Spanish dancer Martha (Leni Riefenstahl (3157-1993) in her little wagon.  She is beautiful, sultry and tempting.

The shepherd peers in a window of the cantina and is bedazzled by the beauty of Martha, who is dancing.  On his walk back to the pasture, her face dances in front of him – he sees her in the clouds.  He is really smitten.  Others find her beautiful as well, and the Marquis summons Martha to his estate to dance for him – but he has more on his mind than the flamenco!  The wine flows freely.  She dances suggestively.  He carries her up the stairs……….

The next morning, he showers her with gifts – fine clothes, beautiful jewelry – but again, he wants more in return.  This life is too much, and she flees to the mountains and collapses not far from the shepherd’s hut but the Marquis finds them.  He draws his dirk.  The shepherd pulls his hunting knife.  They clash, they fight, they are out in the storm.  Who lives?  Who dies?  What is the fate of Martha?

LENI is beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking.


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