Interview with Wolf Hess

Interview with Wolf Hess (DVD-131)


(DVD-131)  This presentation is 1 hour 30 minutes spoken in English

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This DVD contains shocking new information on how the British were able to escape at Dunkirk and on the Churchill Government’s continually pressing forward with the war effort even while Hitler was trying to make peace with the British – even Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, father of John F. Kennedy, tried to help with the peace process, but to no avail.

Wolf Hess speaks of the peace mission of his father, and why he later was kept incommunicado by the demands of the British, and the circumstances of his death.  History has shown – Hitler did not want war with England.

On this DVD, Wolf Hess reads the peace proposal that his father carried with him on that famous flight to Scotland – item by item.  Wolf Hess gives details on how Michael Gorbachev pushed for the release of Rudolf Hess years after the war.  It had long been claimed that the United States, England and France, wanted to release Hess for years but that the Soviets continually blocked his release.  Once the Soviets said that Hess should be released – the British could not allow this.  Wolf Hess gives the details.

He speaks about the farce of his father’s alleged suicide and the Allied cover-up.  He gives the startling results of the second autopsy, which was ordered by the Hess family.

Wolf Hess claims that he was contacted by an Israeli intelligence agent who told him that two members of the British 2nd SAS murdered Rudolf Hess, and he gives a great deal of evidence point to exactly that – a British murder and cover up to prevent Rudolf Hess from talking to the press upon his release.

Wolf Hess states on this DVD that he will work tirelessly to expose the truth about his father, about the Churchill Government blocking all peace attempts by Hitler, about the cover up and the murder of his father.


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