Italian Air Force

Italian Air Force (DVD-153)



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The focus is the Italian Air Force in the Spanish Civil War and it shows bombing attacks and the destroyed villages.  Italian tri-motor bombers leaving their base on missions.  A pilot with just one leg sadly watches his fighter squadron take to the skies to escort the bombers.  American show tunes are playing on the radio in the ready room.

The bombers drop their ordnance and head for home, leaving the fighters free to roam at will, strafing convoys and anything else that moved on the ground.  Another bombing mission and the bombs fall to the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”.

Enemy bombers are now sighted, and the Italian AA opens up as their fighters take to the skies.  Dogfights blossom all over the heavens.  Heavy combat action.

This is a really great look at some very rare Italian planes in combat.


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