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(DVD-168)  This presentation is spoken in English

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This DVD contains rare and never before seen films of the Kamikaze attacks on the American Fleet during the battle for Okinawa.

Some of the footage is from official U.S. Navy films while more is from amateur films shot by American sailors caught up in this mass suicide known as Kamikaze.

In Japanese, Kamikaze means ‘Divine Wind’ which refers to a time in ancient history when an enemy fleet was poised off the Japanese shore, about to land and pillage the land.  A massive storm, a typhoon, sprang up and destroyed the enemy fleet and saved Japan and thus the concept of the suicide attacks that came to be known as ‘Kamikaze’.

This DVD will bring you right back to those days when life and death for the American crews depended on shooting down pilots who wanted to die anyway.

The master of this DVD came to us from a U. S. Navy veteran who was there.


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