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This DVD is from a propaganda movie made in 1943. Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon) is the endearing name for the Imperial Army’s Type-1 fighter (code named OSCAR by the Allies).  The movie is about Major General (posthumously) Tateo Katoh and his Fighter Wing 64.  Lt. Col. Katoh was a charismatic leader and an outstanding pilot himself.  By May 1942, when he was shot down and killed by a BLENHEIM bomber which he was chasing over the Indian Ocean, his Wing had destroyed more than 850 enemy aircraft in the air and on the ground.  Pilots were not allowed to keep their own score.

The movie depicts the era in which the Japanese Army Air Force was truly invincible.  The Wing’s song, sung in the early part of the film, was loved much during the war and is popular today in Japan.   There are a lot of Japanese military and folk music in this film – very stirring.

This is an outstanding film, full of very real aerial combat action.  The dogfights are real, taken from the Japanese gun cameras.  We see top of the line Japanese fighters and bombers in action as well as British P-40 aircraft in the skies.  The action in this DVD never stops – and it is all footage never before seen!  A Japanese film producer of the 1940’s has opened his private vault to us, and this is one of the rare films we obtained from him.  This DVD has never been seen before SHARKHUNTERS offered it.  


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