Krieg in Farben I (DVD-149)


(DVD-149)  This presentation is in color and spoken in English

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This DVD is fully in color, and is a compilation of color films from many sources, both amateur and professional.  This is extremely rare footage – some never seen before! 

  • Beautiful girls in Bavaria, training at dance
  • Pre-war parades and the Berghof on the Obersalzberg
  • German troops in combat in the Spanish Civil War
  • 1938…..the Hitler Youth in training exercises
  • Beautiful old Germany cities – beer gardens and bands
  • 72 Fighter Group’s Me 109 fighters ready for action
  • It is harvest time on German farms in the fall of 1939
  • GNEISENAU in port in Kiel for refit
  • The war begins – Poland falls, Britain mobilizes…..and we watch two British merchant ships sunk by U-46
  • We see HMS COSSACK seize the supply ship ALTMARK
  • The sweet life of the German occupying forces in Paris
  • We are on board USS HORNET with “Bull” Halsey steaming for Japan
  • There is a great deal more historical footage

There is a lot of fantastic color footage of the war on both sides and at the home fronts, many scenes never before seen.  The commentary is all in English, but the sometimes blatant propaganda is laughable.  This is a great look at the pre-war and early war years in full color.


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