Krieg in Farben II (DVD-150)


(DVD-150)  This presentation is in color and spoken in English

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This DVD is fully in color, and is a compilation of color films from many sources, both amateur and professional.  This is extremely rare footage – some never seen before!

  • Rare uncensored film of Berlin in 1942 with air raid damage
  • Army Group South begins their assault in the Ukraine
  • Wehrmacht troops in the Ukraine are treated to entertainment in a camp show
  • Heavy combat in Tunis, North Africa
  • Gebirgsjäger fighting the Red Army in the Caucasus in 1943…..this segment of film was thought to have been lost, but one copy was discovered in a Moscow archive
  • We are at a tank maintenance unit on the Eastern Front
  • A rare piece of film with dictator Tito in his mountain hideout
  • CAPTURE OF U-505!  Film segments never seen before
  • D-Day invasion, seen from sea and land
  • German FLAK against Soviet airplanes
  • After the war, Marshall Zhukov enters Red Square on a prancing white horse to the tumultuous cheers of his troops – the displeasure on Stalin’s face is most evident
  • We watch the famous ceremony in Red Square of the Soviet troops throwing down the Regimental standards of all the Wehrmacht regiments

There is a lot of fantastic color footage of the war on both sides and at the home fronts, many scenes never before seen.  The commentary is all in English.  This is a great look at the war from about 1940 onward and all in full color.


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