Lager X Starvation Camp

Lager X Starvation Camp (DVD-166)


(DVD-166)  This presentation is 1 hour 5 minutes and spoken in English

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We have all heard of the so-called ‘Eisenhower Starvation Camps’ in which German prisoners were deliberately starved to death after the war ended by orders of General Eisenhower – more than a million perished this way in camps run by the French and by the Americans.  Here is the story of one such starvation camp, Lager X in Altheim, Austria.

The ‘camp’ was nothing but an open field with wire around it and guards with guns – no buildings, no latrines, no barracks, no mess hall – just an open field.  When the civilians tried to give water to the suffering men, the guards would shoot holes in the buckets – and sometimes hit the person holding it.  The prisoners were quickly reduced to skeletons and then they died.

This film, spoken in English, has verbal testimony of witnesses who saw this inhumanity with their own eyes….saw prisoners shot for no reason other than the sentry was drunk and wanted some target practice.  There are also interviews with survivors of this camp.  We visited this place in 2008.  The grave markers all show that the young SS men perished shortly after the end of the war.

Some were just kids.  It is a very sad testament indeed.


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