Learn to fly the P-40 and the P-38

Learn to fly the P-40 and the P-38 (DVD-163)


(DVD-163)  This presentation is spoken in English

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Another of the USAAF instructional films.  Here we learn to fly both the P-40 WARHAWK as well as the P-38 LIGHTNING.

We begin with a walk around inspection outside our P-40, then preflight inside and out then we taxi out and put this ship through her paces.  There were other fighters that were faster and more maneuverable, but the P-40 was one tough, battle tested fighter…..just ask the AVG (the Flying Tigers) about this fearsome killing machine.  We take our P-40 through all her aerobatic maneuvers and by the time our flight ends, we are ready to join the Flying Tigers!  Where is the recruiter?

Then we do the same with the awesome ‘Forked Tail Devil’ as the P-38 LIGHTNING was called!

This twin engine fighter could do it all – she could climb, dive and turn better than most fighters and she could turn either direction without having to fight propeller torque, thanks to her contra-rotating engines.  All her guns were in the nose, giving her a fearsome blast of gunnery at one aiming point.

If this film and these training sessions don’t have you pulling out your old flight jacket, you’d better check your pulse!


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