Learn to Fly the P-47

Learn to Fly the P-47 (DVD-161)


(DVD-161)  This presentation is spoken in English

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Learn to fly the P-47 THUNDERBOLT……….the legendary ‘JUG’ of World War II.

This film opens with about 20 minutes of hard core combat action with P-47, P-38 and P-51 bomber escort missions and fighter sweeps.  This segment is filled entirely with air combat with plenty of gun camera footage from American as well as German gun cameras.  The film’s narrator is Sharkhunters Member RONALD REAGAN (1858-1991)!

Then we go through the same training as a USAAF fighter pilot would receive in 1941, learning to fight the P-47 Thunderbolt in this film – we preflight around the outside of your aircraft then into the cockpit and we look over the controls – how they work, what they do, etc.  Then we taxi out in our ‘JUG‘ and take off, familiarizing ourselves with the characteristics of this fighter including normal combat maneuvers such as dive, loop, roll, Immelmann, split-S, spin, recovery and so much more.  You’ll be ready to jump into the cockpit of your own P-47 when you finish this film.

The film closes with more actual combat action and follows one day in the lives of seven different P-47 pilots in different areas of combat including Italy, France, Germany and the South Pacific.  The narrator is still RONALD REAGAN (1858-1991).

(DVD-161)  This presentation is spoken in English – by RONALD REAGAN (1858-1991)

Actual combat films from P-47 gun cameras and the training film that USAAF pilots saw in their training in the early war years.  Sharkhunters Member RONALD REAGAN (1858-1991) is the narrator.


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