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This DVD depicts the legendary Legion CONDOR as they assist Franco in the Spanish Civil War in the struggle to push the Communists out of Spain.

In the film, you will see the recruiting of the volunteers (including some Americans and British), the training, the parades upon graduation and their movement to the trains that would take them to Spain – and into history.

The troops board transport JU-52 aircraft of the Spanish Air Force to transfer them to different parts of Spain and north Africa for their time in combat.  We see this combat in city after city, block after block and from house to house.

We see many scenes of various aircraft including some that were experimental after the end of World War I and were being tested in this conflict.  You’ll see infantry, armor and air forces…..all in combat.  A JU-88 bomber is under attack from Spanish fighter planes.  The gunners in the bomber do their best, but it isn’t looking good for the bomber.  Suddenly a flight of new ME 109 fighters blasts into the Spanish fighters, driving them off- the JU-88 is saved.

Madrid 28 March 1939, we see the massive Victory Parade through this city, and there is Francisco Franco to review the troops.  Then they head for the port and board troops ships for the return to Germany – these ships will not live more than a few more years.  They disembark in Hamburg along the familiar banks of the Elbe, and parade through that city.  There are Victory Parades in various German cities, culminating in a massive parade under the Brandenburg Gate.  It is truly a step back into history!



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