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(DVD-155)  This presentation has English subtitles.

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On this DVD, obtained from a German source, you will hear interviews of those who were there – they who know what is truth and what is fabrication.

Walt Disney was consulted and his studios used in part.  Stanley Kubrick was in charge.  We see Nixon rehearsing a speech he would have to make if the men did land on the moon and failed to return.  Alexander Haig devised the plan to fake the actual moon landing in a Hollywood movie set, Rumsfeld brought it to Nixon.  He agreed, and they went into production.

When handed the slip of paper on which was written: “One small step for man; One giant leap for mankind!”

Astronaut Neal Armstrong’s comment was, “Who wrote that crap?”

Glaring errors are pointed out in the film of the moon landing along with some hilarious chat on the helmet radios of the men on the moon – nothing you would expect two men making the first footprints on the moon would be saying to each other.  There are interviews with:  Christiane Kubrick; Godfrey Hoffman – CIA; Fahrouk Elbaz – NASA; Jan Harlan; David Scott – Apollo 15 astronaut; Jack Torrence; Buzz Aldrin – astronaut; Lois Aldrin – wife; Eve Kendall – Nixon’s Secretary; David Bowman – NASA Houston; Maria Vargas; Richard Helms – CIA; General Vernon Walters – CIA; Dimitri Muffley – CIA/KGB; Ambrose Chapel – CIA; and the most revealing information comes from interviews with:  Donald Rumsfeld; General Alexander Haig; Henry Kissinger and  Lawrence Eagleberger.

Many of the production crew that worked on the production met with strange – and sudden – deaths, including General Vernon Walters, CIA.

Did Americans walk on the moon or was this just a very expensive Hollywood production made to fool the world and the Soviets in particular?  Look at the film and you decide.


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