Nürnberg – the Beginning!

Nürnberg – the Beginning! (DVD-140)


(DVD-140) English subtitles

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This is from German films in 1930.  The DVD opens with a traveler’s view of this magnificent ancient city, capitol of Franconia first by air then by car.  A JU-52 tri-motor transport lands, Hitler emerges and walks to his gleaming black Mercedes touring car for the ride to his hotel.

The primary theme of this film is the gathering strength of the Party and the re-arming of Germany as we see more ships being launched, more tanks and planes coming out of the factories, more guns and rifles.  The stirring songs on this tape bring us back more than seven decades to a time in history unlike ever before or since.

You’ll see battle training maneuvers with the most modern Luftwaffe aircraft of the day with ground fire from Flak.  There are paratroops & tanks, all in full battle array.  The film closes with an eerie but powerful torchlight parade.


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