Ohm Krüger (DVD-79)


(DVD-79)  This presentation is 2 hours and spoken in German

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This German-made film covers the South African struggle between the Dutch and the British in the Boer Wars of a century ago.  Some scenes are quite gruesome………..

‘Ohm Kruger’ (Uncle Kruger) was made in Germany during World War II to instill purpose and drive in the German people as the war began to turn against Germany.

Historians will remember that it was England during the Boer Wars and not Germany during world War Two that invented the concept of the Concentration Camp.  Emily Hobhouse, an Englishwoman of the time, protested strongly against the concentration camps that were used to primarily house Boer women and children, with the resultant starvation, disease and finally gruesome death. A South African submarine (French built DAPHNE Class) was named in her honor and our Sharkhunters group rode aboard that submarine during our ‘Operation Sub-Afrika’ in 1990.  The South African military treated us as family and it is a very beautiful country.


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