Olympia – 1

Olympia – 1 (DVD-113)


This 1936 film produced by LENI RIEFENSTAHL (3157-1993)

(DVD-113)  This presentation is 2 hours and spoken in English

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Product Description

This DVD begins with a haunting trip back in time to the ruins of ancient Greece, birthplace of the Olympics.  Statues, artworks and temples was woven into the beginnings of this film with haunting music that will take you back three thousand years.

Slowly the statues begin to move, and LENI’s production comes alive with beautiful young women dancing on the beach in the nude.  Then the Torch Runner begins the long journey from Mount Olympus.  Through country after country, city after city, along the seashore and through the mountains he runs, to ultimately reach Berlin.  He runs into the Olympic Stadium to the tumultuous roar of hundreds of thousands.

The Parade of Nations, fifty-one in all (some of which no longer exist) march their athletes past the reviewing stand.  We watch the Torch Runner as he comes through the Brandenburg Gate to the Olympic Stadium, once around the running track and then up the giant stairs to light the Olympic Flame.  The games begin with great flair and pageantry and all are announced by an English speaking announcer.  They begin with the Discus in which the United States placed first and second, and they close with the Marathon that was won by Japan.

This DVD is loaded with pomp and pageantry amid singing, bands playing, bells chiming – it is a fantastic look into an age past, an age of beauty and ceremony that will never be seen again in our lifetime.


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