Operation Drumbeat

Operation Drumbeat (DVD-154)


(DVD-154)  This presentation is spoken in English

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Here we see just how totally unprepared the United States was at the beginning of the American entry into World War II.  Some say it was because the USA simply was not prepared while others cite the arrogance of Admiral Ernest J. King as the reason so many ships were sunk, so many merchant sailors were lost within sight of American shores.  This DVD is not flattering to Admiral King.

This tape includes shots of ERICH TOPP (U-552) , Großadmiral Karl Dönitz, REINHARD HARDEGEN (U-123) , KURT MÜLLER (U-352) and many other U-Boatfahrer and merchant seamen alike.

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We learn the story of the sinkings of the destroyer USS JACOB JONES, known as the old “JAKEY“; of the loss of SS INDIA ARROW, SS CARIB SEA, SS JOHN D. GILL and the tanker SS GULF AMERICA.


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