Otto Kretschmer INTERVIEW

Otto Kretschmer – 1994 INTERVIEW (DVD-56)


(DVD-56)  This presentation is more than two hours and spoken in English

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Sharkhunters Member OTTO KRETSCHMER (122-1985) , known as ‘Silent Otto’ for his refusal to make propaganda speeches, was the first of only five U-boat Skippers to earn the KNIGHTS CROSS with OAK LEAF and CROSSED SWORDS and was the MOST successful submarine Skipper of any nation in WW II.  His daily average tonnage sunk equaled that of Lothar von Arnaud de la Perrier, the most successful submarine Skipper ever in history.

What were his special tactics to penetrate the defensive screen of a convoy so he could attack on the surface while running amongst the merchant ships?  How did he manage to sink more ships than anyone else in World War II – and in just a little more than one year of combat?  Do sinking ships really create a suction that can pull a swimmer down?  Did Kretschmer really stand at attention on the bridge of U-99 as it sank out from under him?  What did he think of Großadmiral Dönitz?  What did he think of his fellow Skippers?  What makes a good submarine Skipper?  All these questions are answered on this DVD as well as his memories of the war.  It is indeed, living history.


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