Personal Wars

Personal Wars (DVD-146)


(DVD-146)  This presentation has English subtitles

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In the 1990’s, several Wehrmacht veterans were interviewed about their time in World War II.  They all had taken extensive movie footage during the war and much of it is in full color!

Then go back in time with their movies and their narratives, remembering their time filming the Hitler Youth and the Arbeitsdienst on maneuvers, then into the Army training.  Like soldiers everywhere, they also spend some time chasing Army nurses.

They are with the first troops into Warsaw and later, we hear their personal thoughts as they are on the troop train for Stalingrad and Moscow for days in the bitter Russian winter.

We watch them get their “field haircuts” as they remember their mixed emotions of fear, joy and sadness some fifty years later.  They relive their first experiences with battle and with death around them.  Soviet planes are overhead and they shoot one down.  When they look for the pilot, they find nothing but a pile of burned, rumpled clothing and a few parts of the pilot.

We watch as one of them goes into a field hospital and we have a very realistic look at what goes on in a field hospital…..and later we see the withdrawal from the Crimean peninsula after the loss at the Battle of Kiev.  We see Field Marshall von Manstein with his troops.

This DVD gives a great look at the day to day life of a soldier in combat – what he thinks, what he feels and what he fears.  If you were ever in combat, this will bring back many memories.  If you were not in combat, this will put you right there!



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