Raigekitai Shutsudo (DVD-34)


(DVD-34)  This presentation is spoken in Japanese

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Japanese propaganda movie made and released in 1944 under full support of the Imperial Navy which provided the filmmaker with unlimited use of its facilities, aircraft, personnel, etc.  There is a lot of powerful and stirring Japanese military music throughout this DVD.

You will see an actual engagement with an American task force; aerial dogfights; American bombers coming in force; American fighter sweeps over the island – unopposed, and everything is shot to pieces.

American task force heading toward Japanese territories.  JILL bombers attack.  Night torpedo attacks are shown.  Flares are dropped behind enemy (American) ships and when they are silhouetted, bombers go in for the kill.  We actually see four types of aircraft in action – MAVIS, JILL, BETTY and ZERO Type 52 (latest model) not wooden mock-ups of post-war movies – the real thing.  This DVD shows how the Japanese naval air crewmen lived, played, fought and died.

This is a very real film, shot in combat, and we obtained the master from an elderly Japanese film producer who kept it in his own personal vault for decades – until now.


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