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Reich Classics (DVD-148)


(DVD-148)  This presentation contains beautiful classical music and a look inside the Reich

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From the early days if the Reich until near the end of the war, there were concerts to showcase the high level of culture in all phases of the Arts brought by the Reich to Germany.  This DVD brings you outstanding orchestral performances by the leading orchestras of the Reich, led by some of the world’s finest conductors.  The selections include:  The William Tell Overture    &    Die Meistersinger

There is a very short look at the Wehrmacht Victory Parade in Paris in 1940, and we see all the artists and performers of the Berlin Opera arriving in Paris – with Madame Wagner!  The performances continue and Herbert von Karajan conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 1940 with Madame Wagner again in attendance!

The Berlin Philharmonic performs in factories to keep the spirits of the workers upbeat.  Frau Winifried Wagner & Dr. Lei attend a performance in July in the Beyeruth Festspielhaus.

This DVD is not only for those who love the classics – it is also a voyage into the history of the Third Reich and their efforts to bring the classics to the forefront in post-depression Berlin.  If you love classical music, you’ll love this outstanding collection and if you love the history of the Reich, you will love this DVD.



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