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The beautiful River Rhine is not only one of the most important waterways in Europe, with its impressive length of 1,320 kilometers, it is also a natural frontier to France, and connects several countries in Europe.  On its way from its birthplace, a spring in Switzerland, to its mouth at the North Sea, it passes some of the favorite European cultural cities and towns such as Basel, Straßburg and Rüdesheim – Düsseldorf and Köln are others.  The Rhine even finds its way through a very impressive and varied landscape.

Near Schaffhausen, the river falls 21 meters (about 65 feet) and so is the biggest waterfall of Europe.  Well known also is the boulder known as the Lorelei, sung about by poets and in folk songs.  It is told that a beautiful girl named Lorelei brushed her hair on the rock and so it was the fate of the sailors, blinded by her beauty, that they lost control of their ships and crashed onto the rock.

This is only one legend about this beautiful river.  It is yours to find others, and the beauty abounds around every bend in the romantic castles and mysterious landscape.

You’ll see all this and more on our new DVD cruising this beautiful river.  There are ten (or more) centuries of history along the Rhine and castles almost as old.  There are stops for lunch, touring and sightseeing. A must for your travel collection


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