(DVD-53)  This presentation is one hour and spoken in English

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Much of the occult plans and beliefs of the Third Reich have been given a minor look, but there was a great deal of delving into these ‘black’ sciences before and during the war.  The Thule Society, Tesla, the Knights of the Teutonic Order, anti-gravity propulsion, and anti-magnetic propulsion are all looked at in this unusual DVD and some shots are even in color!

If you are afraid of the occult and the unexplained, you don’t want this DVD.  But if you have a strong curiosity, then this DVD holds many fascinating topics for you.

One hour of secret SS projects, long thought to be mere imaginations…..see what you think after you see the actual films of these ‘Black Sun’ projects.  Maybe there WERE secret projects – maybe we weren’t supposed to know about them – make your own decision after you view this film.


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