Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams (DVD-145)


(DVD-145)  This presentation is spoken in English

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The beginning of the Reich – the 1923 beer hall putsch…..the beautiful buildings, plazas etc. built by and used by the Reich, the art galleries housing some of the world’s most beautiful modern art and so many other historic buildings in Munich are shown in this DVD – inside and outside.  We also visit the famed Hofbraühaus where the mass meetings were held.

We see the early days – the selection of the troops, the training and the parades.  We tour the compound on the Obersalzberg where Hitler, Bormann, Göring and Speer had beautiful homes.  Today, all but Speer’s home are totally gone.  We tour the Platerhof hotel and other buildings including the SS Junker School and the Eagle’s Nest – these too, all demolished except the Eagle’s Nest.  In this tape, we are inside as well as around the homes and the buildings and all but the Eagle’s Nest had entrances to massive tunnel and bunker systems emanating from deep in their cellars.  Only the Hotel zum Türken still remains intact of the buildings with tunnels in the cellar.  All the others are totally gone.

We tour Nürnberg – the massive buildings built for and used in the celebrations of the Reich with full descriptions of each and what function it served, and what it is used for today.

Berlin – Capitol of the Reich and the most famous landmark, the Brandenburg Gate.  We tour inside and around the buildings of the Reich during the days of the 1930’s and again when the camera returned in the early 1990’s.  We go through the buildings that are left…..

AND WE TOUR INSIDE THE FÜHRERBUNKER!  The cameras go inside and we see Hitler’s study, bedroom, the lobby, Eva Braun’s bedroom – we tour through so many rooms it is not possible to list them all here.  This is the only tour inside the Führerbunker we know of, and since the bunker is totally covered today with apartment buildings and parking lot built on top of it, there is no possibility to enter again.



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