Song of My Comrades (DVD-93)


(DVD-93)  This presentation is spoken in Japanese

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INTERNATIONAL WARSHIPS – This film was made in 1938 and released in 1939.  What is unique about this film is that it was produced by the German film specialist Richard Angst with the cooperation of the Japanese Navy.  The film begins with scenes of Shanghai under Japanese occupation – many warships on the Wangpo River – Japanese, American, British and French.

JAPANESE PATROLS – The war between Japan and China began in July 1937 and by 1938, Japan had occupied Nanking, the capital, as well as the entire lower Yangtze Region.  Japanese riverboat patrols are seen winding through the maze of waterways and we watch as they search civilian ships and boats for weapons, provisions for locals, supplies for guerilla fighters and they battle with these bands.

LOCAL SCENES – The DVD shows the Japanese befriending the local inhabitants, help reopen factories, offer medical services etc.  This is at a time when China was in great confusion and the Nationalist Government was waging war not only against Japan, but the Communists as well.  There were many independent factions fighting amongst themselves so to most Chinese, Japan was just one more of them.

SMALL ARMS – This film will be very interesting to those interested in small arms.  You’ll see Japanese machine guns, light and heavy, in action as river patrol boats are well equipped with these weapons.

The master for this DVD was a film kept in the secret vault of a friend of Sharkhunters in Japan;


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