Soviet Dive Bombers

Soviet Dive Bombers (DVD-107)


(DVD-107)  This presentation is 1 hour 15 minutes spoken in Russian

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Russian music is played throughout this DVD – even as the Soviet dive bombers are attacking German cities.  This is real combat footage!  The planes return to their snow-bound aerodrome and the pilots play an early game of ‘Foos Ball’ in the ready room, which is part of a dug-in trench system.  These are real Soviet aircraft in this film, real trucks, motorcycles etc.  The field canteen is a horse-drawn cart, and some pilots are making their own home brew vodka.  They relax and play at the primitive restaurant near the base while consuming their fresh vodka.

Into the air, and they tangle with a group of FW 190 fighters.  They shoot one down, then duck into the clouds for cover.  Back at the base, they talk of their combat that day while watching movies.  We see armorers loading and fusing the bombs for the next mission while our hero is making time with the waitress from the nearby restaurant.


This mission does not go well – the hero’s plane is disabled and the pilot of a FW 190 flies alongside him and gestures for him to land on the German airfield. He smiles, nods – and then crashes his plane into a row of neatly parked FW-190 fighters, destroying them all……and himself in the act.

This film came to us from our friends in the former USSR.

It has never been seen before.


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