(DVD-24)  This presentation is spoken in English with some Russian subtitles

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The plot is pretty hokey – an American nuclear submarine is incapacitated on the high seas, and the Soviet Fleet is much closer to it than the American Fleet, so they decide to help.

Basically, the film appears to have been made as sort of a peace gesture from the Russians to the Americans at the end of the Soviet Union, when Russia wanted to come into the world community.  It appears to be a show of support for the United States Navy by the Russian Navy which, in fact, did indeed cover and shelter the fledgling US Navy in the early days of the United States in the time preceding and during the War of 1812.

While the plot of this movie shows that the co-pilot of an American plane is scared to the point of cowardice and that the XO of the American submarine goes completely nuts, the really outstanding part of this film is the really good look at today’s Russia.  You’ll see Russian ships and submarines, fighter and bomber aircraft that you probably won’t see anywhere else.  The DVD also gives a very realistic view of the average Russian home – the furnishings, the wives who wait and the day-to-day living in Russia.  From this standpoint, it is a very good DVD.  We have been to Russia and this is a very accurate portrayal of Russian life.


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