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Toward the end of the war, many unusual things took place.  One of those that made the greatest impact on this young U-boat Skipper took place in late April of 1945.  GroßAdmiral Karl Dönitz was returning to Flensburg (Mürwik), site of the German Naval Academy and at that time, also the site of the German Government in the closing moments of the war.

Young Oberleutnant zur See HANS-GEORG HESS (125-1985) needed a ride, so the Großadmiral allowed him to ride along.  Probably the most important subject they discussed came up when Dönitz asked HESS for his opinion how Germany could persuade England and especially the United States to stop the war with Germany, and to join with Germany and all armies head eastward against the Soviet Communists.  Remember, this was the very same idea proposed by American General George S. Patton.  What was the opinion of HESS?  It’s on the tape, plus a lot more formerly untold stories of World War II.

Captain HESS speaks in German – his son, also a Sharkhunters Member, TILMAN HESS translates for the camera.


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