The Lost Bunker! (DVD-5)


(DVD-5)  This presentation is about one hour and spoken in English

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The story of Bunker ‘Elbe II’ with three Type XXI boats entombed inside

Towards the end of the 1988 Sharkhunters “North Germany Patrol”, three Members took off on a quest of their own.  JAK MALLMANN SHOWELL (73-1984) said he knew where there was an abandoned bunker with three Type XXI boats inside.  Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and EDDIE PHILLIPS (220-A/LIFE-1986) set out with JAK to find these phantom boats.

Using details maps and aerial photos, they planned their expedition.  They first walked through the world’s biggest red light district to the waterfront.  Boarding a boat, they crossed the Elbe River and disembarked onto an old abandoned dock near a rail yard.  Carefully and quietly they crept through the rail yard for a mile or so, ducking under rail cars whenever they heard voices.  Once at the shipyard, they penetrated security, then slipped through a crack in the wall of the bunker and were inside – but where were the boats?

They had arrived at high tide, so they waited on the side of the bunker chamber and slowly the tide fell and as it did, the three Type XXI boats emerged as if they were surfacing.  JAK went outside while EDDIE and HARRY climbed down a mass of debris – and they walked on the decks of these three Type XXI U-Boats!

It is all on this DVD, and you will walk in the footsteps of history!


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