the Third Reich – In Color (DVD-143)


(DVD-143) this presentation is 1 hour 30 minutes spoken in English

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This DVD, made up of professional and amateur films alike – German, American, Canadian, British and Italian – chronicles the Third Reich from 1937 until the end of the war.  You’ll see parties, dances, parades and celebrations in Germany as well as Paris, London, Venice and New York.

There are parades in Berlin with Mussolini and Hitler…..Hans Bauer took a lot of film.  In other Berliner parades, the theme harkens back to medieval times and many parade floats feature beautiful women – totally nude!  In 1938 Hitler travels to Italy to meet with King Victor Emanuel.

You will also see some scenes that will open your eyes such as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun entertaining guests Marlene Dietrich and…..Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. at the Berghof; Marlene Dietrich is on vacation with future American President John F. Kennedy.  In 1939, Eva Braun sailed to Norway aboard the liner SS MILWAUKEE with her movie camera in hand.

Prior to the outbreak of war, we see JG 54, the famed “Green Heart Hunter” Squadron, training for the coming conflict.  We see the countryside, the villages, prisoners, soldiers, tanks and planes.

England is preparing for the invasion that never came.  Despite his promise that No mother’s son will be sent to fight in Europe , FDR was quick to prepare for doing exactly that.  Thousands of Hitler Youth are filmed on maneuvers – in the New Jersey countryside, while German film makers in Hollywood frolic on the Santa Monica beach with German-born film stars.

Canadians loading war materiel in Halifax; FDR & Churchill at  Casablanca in which FDR surprised everyone including Churchill – and made the war last at least one year longer than necessary, by publicly stating that only the complete and unconditional surrender of Germany would be accepted.  How many tens of thousands of soldiers on all sides could have lived if FDR had not made that statement…..

This DVD is a wonderful look, with fantastic music, at the German lifestyle that was forever swept away in 1945.



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