Top Secret 212 Class

Top Secret 212 Class (DVD-156)


(DVD-156)  This presentation is spoken in German

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This was the first look at the super-secret 212 Class Air-Independent German Submarine, said to be the most modern non-nuclear submarine in the world. 

This tape was gotten out of Germany at the beginning of 2005 and we see the newest, most modern non-nuclear submarine in the world, the German 212 Class air-independent submarine capable of running engines at depths of 1,000 feet (or more) and able to remain submerged for weeks at a time.

On this DVD we see the first of the 212 Class, U-31, on sea trials operating with a frigate.  There are views from shore, by divers around the boat underwater; we go all through the boat compartment by compartment – there is a thorough look inside the CIC (combat Information Center) with views of all the high-tech equipment and displays.  There is even a look at the one item on a submarine that is always forbidden – the propeller!

We see a comparison between U-31, the newest 212 Class long-range boat to be built and U-30, the last of the old 206 Alpha Class coastal boats.  These 212 Class boats are extremely modern – streamlined, ultra-quiet and able to remain submerged for weeks at a time.  All these qualities make for a super-submarine.


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