Triumph of the Will – A Leni Riefenstahl Film (DVD-14)


(DVD-14) This presentation is 2 hours and spoken in German

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by Leni Riefenstahl (3157-1993)

Without question, this is the most powerful propaganda film ever made by anyone!  The music is powerful when needed, soft and intoxicating at other times ……….. the images from the daytime sunshine parades to the eerie and haunting nighttime torchlight gathering and processions of tens of thousands at Nürnberg – everything in this two-hour film is so powerful that the Allies banned the film for years after World War II.

You’ll see the daytime parades with their theme of German solidarity; and the nighttime torchlight parades with tens of thousands of people – all marching to the same drums.  The fun and camaraderie of the German youth in the camp-outs has an atmosphere of togetherness while the parades and marches are impressive.  You’ll see the ceremonies, including the famed ‘Death Ceremony’, which basically honors the fallen soldiers.  There just is not enough room here to describe everything on this fantastic two-hour long videotape.  There has never been another film like it.

It’s been said that famed filmmaker Frank Capra copied this style for his films.  Most major cinematography colleges use this film to teach how lighting, music and camera angles can set the mood.  This is absolutely the MOST POWERFUL film you will see in your lifetime:  Triumph of the Will!


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