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The leaders of the 3rd Reich had homes atop the Obersalzberg.  Miles of tunnel systems ran through the mountain – Some had shower rooms, bowling alleys, rifle ranges, formal dining rooms.  All had electric lighting, water systems – and machine guns pits throughout their miles & miles of corridors.

In this 4-hour tape, you’ll see where Göring’s pool was and the remains of his beautiful home; where Hitler’s home stood and where the tunnels begin; go through these tunnels from end to end AND into many places where visitors are NOT allowed; up the mountainside to where the air shafts peep out of the ground, then down into some of these shafts.  This is a VERY thorough videotape tour.

NOTEAll the homes on this DVD were later destroyed and most of these tunnel entrances have been filled in.  The German Government wants nothing left of their WW II days, so the only way to see these buildings and tunnels is on these tapes.


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