U-505 CAPTURE (DVD-73)


(DVD-73)  This presentation is 45 minutes and spoken in English

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Assorted U-Boat Action & US Submarines in Action

The U-505 capture is the propaganda film “Now it can be told” which was shown to production plant workers after the fall of Germany, meant to spur workers on until Japan would be defeated as well – and to produce a lot of war materiel and a lot of jobs.  There are lots of combat scenes of the actual capture of U-505, including the depth charge runs by USS CHATELLAIN and USS PILLSBURY, strafing runs by the HELLCATS, the intense fire on the conning tower of U-505 as she breaks the surface, the submarine alongside the DE and finally, U-505 on a towline behind the aircraft carrier USS GUADALCANALU-505 was the first enemy Man-O-War captured on the high seas by the US Navy since HMS PEACOCK was captured in 1815 during the War of 1812.

Also in the DVD, we see excellent scenes of German U-boats in combat as well as US Navy submarines in combat in the Pacific.  This DVD is filled with submarine combat action.


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