U-Boats in Combat (DVD-15)


(DVD-15)  This presentation is 30 minutes and spoken in German and in English

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The first half of this DVD is entirely from German newsreel footage, showing Gross Admiral Karl Dönitz and his staff officers in the famous ‘Situation Room’ where convoy attacks and U-boat movements were planned and carried out by this staff – and we see a radioman in the funkraum (radioroom) as he sends messages to the Skippers in the North Atlantic while the Type VII-C boats form a wolf pack and close on a convoy.  This was in the early days when targets were plentiful and escorts were few in number.  We see daytime attacks, dive to escape the tin cans coming out of the convoy, and we live through yet another depth charge attack.

U-505 CAPTURE – On this same tape is the propaganda film ‘Now it can be Told’ which shows the attack and capture of U-505, the first enemy Man-O-War captured on the high seas by the US Navy since the War of 1812.  You’ll see the task force hunting the submarine, the locating of the boat and the attacks by the destroyer escorts over the boat.  When U-505 breaks the surface, all hell breaks loose as every gun on the DEs is pouring fire on the conning tower.  Machine gun fire from the HELLCATS above is likewise making sure the sub can no longer dive.  This propaganda film was shown to American factory workers after Germany surrendered, but to be sure they continued to produce war materiel until Japan was ‘brought to her knees’.  While watching this DVD, one must remember that this was a propaganda film with all the inflammatory language words to fit its objectives.  This DVD is pure action!


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