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Not all French saw the Americans and Brits as liberators and saviors.

Millions saw them as vicious invaders and conquerors.  They loved the Germans and helped the Wehrmacht, wanting to form a strong alliance with the Hitler overnment. They hated the Americans and especially hated the British.

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A great many French saw the Americans and British as vicious invaders, not as liberators.  This DVD chronicles the years of the Vichy French Government under Marshall Petain beginning with 1940 when the Wehrmacht marches into France.  There is extensive combat footage, culminating with the triumphant march into Paris.  And in 1940, they were talking about a “New World Order“…..even back then!

There are many scenes from Vichy French propaganda films showing:

*  The Royal Navy ambush of the French Fleet at Mers-el-Kebir;

*  the rebuilding of the French Army to help Germany fight the Allies;

*  The body of Napoleon returns to Paris with great ceremony;

*  Thousands of French workers hired for military jobs in Germany;

*  The beginnings of many official collaborator organizations;

*  Dr. Josef Goebbels broadcasts radio speeches from Paris;

There were large crematory ovens found in the Soviet embassy!!

*  A great deal of anti-British and anti-Communist rhetoric;

*  The great pilot Marseilles receives his Oak Leaf from Hitler;

*  The “Black Prince” himself, Reinhard Heydrich, visits Petain;

*  Fierce fighting at Stalingrad – French prayers for German success;

*  Admiral Darlan, CinC of the French Navy, abandons France;

*  French Navy scuttles the fleet to keep the ships from the British;

*  Charles deGaulle makes a speech, not well received by many French;

*  Marshall Petain is arrested.

This DVD shows the disastrous British and Canadian attempt to invade at Dieppe.  The French see them as invaders and help the Germans.

This is a very unusual look at “the other side” in this struggle.


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