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This DVD begins with heavy combat in Russia.  Vlassov was a Major General in command of the Russian 20th Army and after the defense of Moscow, was promoted to Lt. General and decorated as Hero of the Soviet Union, their highest award.  He took command of the 2nd Strike Force to liberate Leningrad, but he was captured by the German Army and was shipped to the P.o.W. camp run by Gerhard Gahlen in Venizia, Ukraine.

Vlassov decides to cooperate with his German captors in an effort to bring Stalin down, and so he becomes part of the propaganda effort against Stalin and the Soviet Government.  The plan was hatched to form a “Russian Liberation Army” made up of regular German Army troops as well as Russian prisoners of war.  The “Russian Liberation Army” existed only on paper at the time.This DVD features a lot of combat action, actual interviews and is filled with powerful Russian music.

Vlassov meets with Heinrich Himmler at the Wulfschantz, and talks about a counter Stalin push.  Vlassov meets with Göring and Goebbels in January of 1945.  In February of 1945, Vlassov takes command of the 1st Division of Russians against Stalin.  The Germans refused to allow Vlassov to have more than one division until he had proven himself, but the clock was about to run out on this operation, and on the war – as well as Vlassov’s life itself.

With the fall of Germany in May of 1945, the thousands of soldiers of the “Russian Liberation Army” were turned over to the Soviets where they received quick ‘justice’ – they were immediately shot.  Vlassov and his staff were hanged.  Stalin was not noted for his mercy…..


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