Wehrmacht in Combat

Wehrmacht in Combat (1) (DVD-100)


(DVD-100)  This presentation is one hour fifteen minutes, spoken in German

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NON STOP ACTION – This DVD is non-stop action, and right from the German UFA film library.  With stirring music all through the tape, you’ll watch mechanized forces roll into Luxemburg with light and heavy tanks, motorcycles, trucks, heavy and light guns and infantry as people line the parade routs, waving and handing out candy and flowers.

PARATROOPS – You’ll see paratroops boarding Ju 52 aircraft; armorers loading bombs and belts of machine gun ammunition on STUKA dive bombers – then you are in the air aboard the Ju 52 watching the paratroopers go out the door; in the cockpit of a STUKA in a headlong dive.  There are armadas of STUKA dive bombers in the sky.

COMBAT CONSTRUCTION – Building pontoon bridges and watch the tanks and troops cross; fording raging rivers in other places; more formations of STUKAs and again, you are in the cockpit; there are masses of heavy railroad guns and the skies are filled with STUKAs, Me 109 and Me 100 aircraft.

GEBIRGSJÄGER – We go with the mountain troops as they drag their heavy guns up sheer cliffs, strip, clean and prep them.  We watch Ju 88 bombers loading incendiary bombs to attack Birmingham.  We are with the Ju 88s in the cockpit – duck searchlights, drop parachute flares to light the target.

HIGH SEA ACTION – Go aboard BISMARCK with Großadmiral Raeder; sail with her thru the Kiel Kanal to the North Sea; ride with Endrass aboard U-47 – deck gun action against a steamer, U-boats packs against convoys, dive to avoid escorts – the depth charges!  You are aboard to stop the leaks, clear the damage.  Escorts are gone – back to the surface – non-stop action!

INTO RUSSIA – more aerial combat and cockpit film; bombing the Russian steppes; hundreds of destroyed Soviet tanks, cars and trucks everywhere.  Hundreds of thousands of Soviet prisoners.  Assault on St. Petersburg – artillery and bombers in action; infantry with flamethrowers as well as light and heavy machine guns.

U-BOAT and AIR COMBAT – Lots of U-boat and aerial fighter action – FRITZ GUGGENBERGER (269-1987) and U-81 return after sinking HMS ARK ROYAL; armorers loading Me 109s with belts of machine gun ammunition.  RAF fighters are spotted and up go the Me 109s.  Super dogfight footage from gun cameras, including ADOLF GALLAND (2854-1993) himself.  Tour factories building Ju 88 bombers and another building schnell boats.  Assault on Moscow, awarding of so many medals.

                 This DVD is all non-stop combat action!


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