Wilhelm Grap and U-506 – 1994 INTERVIEW (DVD-64)


(DVD-64)  This presentation is one hour and spoken in English

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The LACONIA Incident!

Sharkhunters Member WILLIE GRAP (213-1986) served as a crewmember of U-506 for many patrols, including the one on which they, along with many other German & Italian submarines,  raced to aid U-156 (Hartenstein) after the sinking of the LACONIA.  What was it like for a U-boat designed to carry 55 men at most to have nearly 200 on board, including women and children?  WILLIE tells about it.

U-Boat Up the Mississippi?

Did any German U-boats go up the Mississippi River at any time during the war?  Many rumors have been told, disputed and told again.  Hear what WILLIE has to say about it – fact right from the guy who was there!  This is more great first-person history.


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