World War II – the Beginning 1939-1941 (DVD-103)


(DVD-103)  This presentation is spoken in German

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The master of this DVD comes to us directly from a veteran who fought in these campaigns.  He tells us that they have never been seen before.  His comments:

“Why Hitler had to march into Poland – from 1910 to 1921, about 400,000 ethnic Germans were expelled from their homeland by the Poles.  In summer of 1939, another 70,000 were expelled and in late summer of 1939, the Poles massacred more than 50,000 Germans.  This could not be tolerated.  The Army got the order to march.”

On this DVD, you will see in vivid detail:
The old battleship SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN open fire on Poland to begin World War II;
STUKAs in their dive bombing of Polish positions;
Hitler visiting the front;
the Victory Parade in Warsaw;
10 May 1940, offensive into Holland and Belgium;
11 May, the capture of Fort Eben Emael;
the surrender of Holland;
17 May push into France begins and the Maginot Line is broken;
the end of the French armor at Reims;
the march into Paris and the Victory Celebration;
the Battle of Britain begins with nighttime aerial attacks;
air landings at Crete and the Battle of the Balkans begins;
Hitler visits Mussolini at the Parade of Alliance.

This DVD is brand new and non-stop combat action!


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