Served aboard the cruiser KÖNIGSBERG from 1 April 1938 to 31 October 1939 as Matrose (seaman);
     Zentrallemaat (P. O., central control room) on U-6, training boat in Pillau 18 Nov. 1940 to 19 Sept. 1941;
     Zentrallemaat aboard U-597, two war patrols in the North Atlantic;
     Obermaschinist aboard U-718, sunk in the Baltic during sea trials by collision with another U-Boat;
     Obermaschinist aboard U-997 for seven war patrols in the North Sea and Arctic Sea.     

Walter Tegtmeier

Tegtmeier was decorated with the:
     U-Bootskriegsabzeichen (U-Boat combat badge);
     Iron Cross - Second Class;
     Iron Cross - First Class;
     U-Boot Frontspange in Bronze;
     U-Boot Frontspange in Silver.

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