Flotillen Admiral Rolf Thomsen began his career in the Kriegsmarine as an aviator, but with the loss of all aviation facilities to the Luftwaffe, was posted to the U-Bootwaffe and was Skipper of U-1202.  Thomsen had many successes with this boat and was decorated with the Knights Cross with Oak Leaf.

Admiral Thomsen had agreed to sign 100 photos for Sharkhunters and we mailed them to him in late summer 2002.  We then received a letter from a mutual friend, telling us that Admiral Thomsen was recovering from surgery to replace both knees and that we would not receive the signed photos for many months.  Surprisingly, we received the 100 hand-signed photos in less than two weeks.  Shortly after the letter was sent from the mutual friend, Admiral Thomsen learned that he had severe cancer and his life would be measured in months at best - so he spent two hours putting his personal signature on all 100 photos for us - then he quietly began his "Eternal Patrol".  He thought it was that important to help Sharkhunters tell the honest story of the U-Bootwaffe!  He was a fine man.

Thomsen receiving the Oak Leaf to his Knights Cross

Admiral Rolf Thomsen did not sign his autograph very much at all, so these photos are quite rare.....and there are only 100 of them.

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