2007 "Southern Patrol"
Scenes of our time in München

Photo left - we peek over the fence at the house that Adolf Hitler bought for Eva Braun.
Photo right - the historic Löewenbräukeller where our Sharkhunters group met is one of the rooms where Hitler's followers met on the night of 9 November 1923.

Photo above - the huge hall on the 3rd floor of the Hofbräuhaus where Hitler held mass meetings of 800 of more.

                     Photo of 3rd SS Veteran removed

One of the beautiful scenes in München - the "Place of the Monks" (photo left).  In the right photo our new friend xxxxxxx (3rd SS Division) and new Member GERHARD STRAUCH team up in one of the old songs,

Long-time Sharkhunters Member GEORG HÖGEL (left) was radioman on U-30 and later on U-110.  Here he presents a copy of his new book to Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER during our dinner in the three-centuries-old Löewenbräukeller where thousands of Hitler's followers waited for the news of the 9 November 1923 Putch.

Sharkhunters Member CHRIS BANDA has been on every "Southern Patrol" since 2003, and he emailed:
"I had a fantastic time!  My most vivid memory was having conversation and spending time with the veterans.  This is a priceless and wonderful tour for anybody interested in German WW II history."

Others having a great time at our dinner are GERHARD and Sylvia Strauch (left photo); Isaiah Foster and Charter Member BILL REED (right photo).

SS Veteran Photo remnoved - xxxxxxx of the 3rd SS chats with Sharkhunters Member ERWIN BURDT, veteran of U-733.

Next group is the Deutsches Museum
Entrance to the Deutsches Museum (below left) and the river that runs past it (below right)

Below are random photos shot inside the fantastic Deutsches Museum
"WOLF" WOLFERSPERGER and BILL REED look at U-1 of World War I and related equipment.

Photos below - interior of U-1 of World War I

    "WOLF" checks out the Me 262 and Me 163, then an old boat         JIM HAYWARD with another ancient ship

Photo left - early hot air balloon
Photo center and right - scenes from "the Great War"

Photos above and below - tracing German aviation from the early days of World War I to the early Junkers transport to the hottest fighter at the beginning of World War II (Me 109) to the beginning of the jet age (Me 262)

Next group is beautiful München
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