2007 "Southern Patrol"
Scenes of our time in Nürnberg

Photo left - inside the forbidden 'Gold Room' where Hitler held receptions for important people.  The gold swastikas are still inlaid in the ceiling.
Photo right - one of the towers on which stood extremely powerful searchlights for the nighttime part of the rallies.

Photo left - the door Hitler would come through to begin the speeches at Zeppelnfeld.  Only he was allowed to use this door.
Photo right - the seats in the Zeppelnfeld stadium.

Photo left - the parade ground at Zeppelnfeld and we see many of the searchlight platforms.
Photo right - a photo of what the field once looked like.  It is hanging in Hitler's suite of offices, open only to Sharkhunters.

New Sharkhunters Member EZIO MAIOLINI wrote:
"I had a fantastic time!  My most vivid memory was the interior of the Zeppelnfeld.  It was such a wonderful tour there is nothing we could take out."

Photo left - the stairs inside Zeppelnfeld leading up to the door only Hitler could use.
Photo right - Cooper, Foster and Burdt on the inside of that very special door.

Photo left - Hitler's special entrance to the Congreßhall.
Photo right - the Luftwaffe Memorial

Photo left - inside the Congreßhall.
Photo right - the special room in City Hall where warring nobles have met for centuries to resolve their differences and to work out treaties.  Adolf Hitler appeared in this room many times to speak.

Photo left - the restaurant Zum Güldner Stern where we have our Nürnberger Sausages.  This place opened in 1419!  That is not a mis-print - this restaurant was open more than 70 years before Christopher Columbus set sail for the "New World"!
Photo right is the 'Palace of Justice' and the blue arrow points to the four large windows on the top floor, which is Room 600 where the Nürnberg Trials were held.

Photo left - the door into Room 600.
Photo right - Our group inside Room 600 where the Nürnberg Trials were held.

Photo left - the figures above the entrance to the Palace of Justice.
Photo right - the magnificent bronze eagle that stands guard at the museum of our friend and long-time Member MICHAEL KAISER.

Photo left - the air raid tower that houses one of MICHAEL's museums.  Photo right - Hauptmann MICHAEL KAISER and HARRY COOPER during dinner.

Photo left - Senior master Sergeant "Wolf" Wolfersperger on one of the ancient moat bridges.
Photo right - another of Michael's tower museums.

Sharkhunters Member ALLAN SPREEN wrote:
"I had a really good time and my most vivid memory was Nürnberg - all of it!  We must keep the 'Gold Room', the Palace of Justice and Obersalzberg in the Patrols".

At dinner in Nürnberg - photo left, Senior Master Sergeant "WOLF" WOLFERSPERGER, currently serving in the United States Air Force and his wife Laura.
Photo right - Hauptmann MICHAEL KAISER German Army Reserve; Senior Master Sergeant "WOLF" WOLFERSPERGER USAF; Lieutenant HARRY COOPER US Coast Guard (Aux) - US Air Force Sergeant many years ago.

Above and below - some of our group enjoying their Nürnberger Sausages in Zum Güldner Stern.

Photo left - one of the beautiful exhibits in Michael's museum.
Photo right - the Crown, Orb and Scepter of Charlemagne in Nürnberg.

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